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[27 Feb 2012|12:23pm]
So I know my kids and I haven't been going out recently, which is my fault. I'm sorry for that. In exchange, here's a little photostory. ^^;;;

Yes, for some reason, children and animals have taken a liking to Viderian.

Have a (late) Happy Valentine's Day from us! :)

PS. Sorry for the crappy quality photos. u__u
(and a super late welcome to Viderian Blackriver and Eli Talandren!)
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[02 Jun 2011|05:03pm]

And Vidi's question on why a cow is inside the house is left unanswered. He chalks it up to his owner's tendency to collect cute things. As usual.
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Another Day C: [21 May 2011|04:02pm]
Yeah, pretty much another lazy afternoon...

...Yeah right Vidi, alam naman nating lahat gusto mo. C:
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